For many years, our passion for cars from Mercedes. Below you will find information about services, and workshop. You are welcome!

       NEW: The SBC PUMP REPAIR OFFER!!!-clik-

               DYNAMIC EXCHANGE gearbox oil

The best service for You

Our main goal is customer satisfaction and low price service. Service is equipped with professional diagnostic equipment - repair, and the crew of professionals. For each repair individually, so that no detail is overlooked. The customer has the final say with us, without his decision did not take arbitrary actions.

You can choose the service company, which is expensive, and 90% of the cost of its maintenance. You can also come to us and pay half price. We are competitive because it restricted the bureaucracy to a minimum. We chose a Mercedes just because it is a brand that our passion and we know that the people who make it do it with passion. Anyone who is against it and chose a different brand is not in us welcome, well, maybe the Porsche, which is our interest. Quickly, cheaply and reliably!