The new services we can add the repair and regeneration of the SBC brake pumps used in models of the W211 and  R230 (SL model). We repair software and mechanical layouts Sensotronic Brake Controlnowych READ WARRANTY!!

There are several types of damage

- Check the operation time. "-this is usually a software problem i just need to upload the original state of the contents of the memory controller SBC.
Service threshold reached the entire system must be checked-in terms of electrical and hydraulic components of Exchange are required usually consuming like electrobrushes or shields.
- Internal error-Sometimes it is possible to repair this error, but typically don't care without Exchange of the entire pump SBC.
- Distortion power hydraulic system-an error in the power system caused by fluid or in the circumference of the wheels.

- The complete regeneration of SBC, erasing progress, check tightness of hydraulics, valves, motor, pressure tank.
- Are used exclusively to Bosch brake fluids, ATF, DOT 5.1,,
- When repairs are made to the necessary replacement of worn elements types of discs, pads and wires,
- If necessary, the exchange is a pressure tank or electric motor with brushes..
- On the regeneration of the provision of 6 months warranty.